Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We are Young

Youth anthems. Every generation has one or two. Or more. 
By definition, and anthem is: "a song, as of praise, devotion, or patriotism" My teenage sons tell me that the current Teen Anthem is "We are Young" by Fun featuring Janelle MonaE (or some such nonsense). It's a very catchy song, though the lyrics are about drinking and getting high in a club and being so inebriated at the end of the night that one needs someone to "carry" them home. But it's super popular and always on the radio, and I find myself turning it up and singing along. So I told my boys just to imagine it's a juice bar and the kids are "high on life" and the "carry me home" stuff is symbolic, meaning "you've got my back".  That works, right? Yes it does. I've lived many blissful years in a somewhat untouched bubble of innocence by playing such mental swapping games.
My teenagers also told me another anthem of their generation is the hugely popular "Party Rock" by LMFAO. (Which I insist stands for "Laughed My Flabby Arm Off". It works for me)
I totally understand the emotion of youth and the power of the background music of our lives. I remember that feeling of empowerment when I was about 17 years old. Our lives were ahead of us, the future was bursting with possibilities and we were young and energetic. The world was OURS!

Now we're the old people! When did that happen?

I'm trying to remember what our youth anthems were, in the 80's. I graduated from High School in 1990, so spent most of the 80's in Jr. High and High School. We had Alphaville's "Forever Young", which is kind of depressing, and of course Cool and the Gang's "Celebration". There's Joan Jett's "I Love Rock & Roll" and the awful "We Built this City" by Starship (aka REO Speedwagon). Other possibilities I found while perusing the internet and VH-1's top 100  are:
"Faith" by George Michael
"Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi
"That's What Friends are For" by Dione Warwick and others
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper
"Karma Chameleon" by Culture Club
"Walk this Way" Aerosmith
"We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister
"It's the End of the World (as We Know It)" by R.E.M.
"Everybody Have Fun Tonight" by Wang Chung
"Lean on Me" by Club Nouveau

So, what were the anthems of your generation? Or, if you are in the same group as me, what did I miss?Is there one song that stands out as THE anthem of our High School/College years?


Laura B said...

I might have to watch that Party Rock one just to learn that dance. So catchy.

I think those song you mentioned are pretty good representations of the "anthems"

Can't think of one that would be THE anthem.

Steph said...

Ha, yes! Or you could have my 12-year-old come teach it to you. He's the MASTER dancer in this house.

Diane said...

Ilove this. There were so many memorable songs growing up. The one that I remember most and still brings me back is Time of Your Life by Green Day.