Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Death of a Show

I've seen every episode of "The Office". Both the British and American versions. While I enjoyed the British show, I actually preferred the American version. For a while. Back when it was still really good.

People thought that Jim and Pam's relationship working out would be the death of the show. It wasn't-- not really. We still had Andy's antics and Dwight's bizarre behavior, and Michael's unpredictable storylines. But it did start declining about that time, I guess.
When Steve Carrell left, I thought the show could survive. I hoped that the writers would make good choices, but I am finding myself disappointed episode after episode. The last two were especially bad. Just dumb.
I'm not crazy about Robert California. He's kind of an empty, soulless character that I can't seem to really care about.
And I don't like other the new character, Nellie. At all. She reminds me of Ricky Gervais' character on the British version of the show, but she's even worse. 

So, the question is, how much longer can a show in steep decline last? I have a feeling this will be the final season for The Office. It's time. It should probably have ended with Michael's departure.

They had a long run-- we're into season 8, after all. It's probably time to say goodbye. I was sorry we didn't get to see a wedding episode for Michael and Holly, maybe they could do that as their farewell episode-- that would be so nice. Kind of a reunion show.

I've read that there is a spinoff show being developed for Dwight , but I hope it falls through. That character is not a leading character and should not be.

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