Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Hooray for over 1,000 views of this blog! Thanks, friends and followers!

Today I finished the 4th book of the "Wheel of Time" series. Have I told you about my undying devotion and affection for this book series? Why yes, I have!

I had forgotten how much I love this book. I was thinking the second or third book was my favorite, but no, it's this one. Perrin and Faile's storyline is incredible. I love Rand's visit to the Aiel Waste and Nynaeve's first run-in with Moghedein. So many wonderful twists in the stories and some wonderful resolutions (Perrin... again. I love Perrin.) Oh, and Mat. Mat's character development is layered and I love how loyal he is to Rand, in spite of wanting to run away and escape the pull of Ta'veren. I hate and love what happens to him in Rhuidian, too. Such a good book!!!

If you haven't read these books, I do recommend them. To everyone I meet. They are clean- no language or graphic naughtiness, and the characters are loveable and authentic and amazing. The way Robert Jordan wove the various stories and characters together was magical.

I have friends who say, "I don't like fantasy" and don't give them a look. That's fine, but I really do recommend them to everyone. They are just that good. And how can you not like fantasy? Did you like Harry Potter? Cinderella? Anything with magic is considered fantasy, but it's not all wand-waving and latin-based hocus-pocus. Anyway, if you've ever liked anything other than romance or westerns, you will probably like these. And if you don't, please don't tell me. My brain might explode from trying to wrap my head around something so impossible. :)


Anna Oman said...

I have considered reading these but it seems confusing on which book is which. Maybe I am just a nut. Guess I better get it figured out and start reading them.

Steph said...

Begin with "The Eye of the World". When you finish that amazing book, then you can look up a list of titles. :) I would be happy to loan them to you. My battered copies have been read by 5 people, I think. I love loaning my favorites! :)