Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin were reunited on this week's episode of "Castle". Years ago, they were both on the geek favorite, much missed, "Firefly". Fillion, of course, played the Captain Mal Reynolds and Baldwin was the dark, sometimes-untrustworthy Jayne Cobb. In the latest episode of "Castle", Baldwin plays a similarly unorthodox, angry, violent character, a gang cop, whom Castle teams up with for a case. It was nice to think that these two friends had reunited and enjoyed filming together, and it was a decent episode of Castle, but I kind of feel like we're just being teased each week until Castle and Beckett finally tell each other of their mutual loveyness. It's annoying. And I'm glad there are only a few episodes left this season, because I'm tired of waiting for it!

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