Friday, April 20, 2012

The Happiest Day of 2013

As suggested in this article in the Huffington Post, I will be taking the day off next year when Netflix releases an entire new season of "Arrested Development". If you missed it, AD was a short-lived show that aired on the Fox network, and consequently was cancelled long before it should have been. It was the most perfectly cast, smartly written, intelligently witty comedy I think I've ever watched. I LOVED it.
It is definitely a show just for grown-ups; there's a lot of naughty humor peppered throughout, but there are also so many imaginatively hilarious situations and sight gags and subtle, dryly witty lines, that I felt it was worth watching regardless of the naughty stuff. As always, I wish Hollywood would clean it up. This show contains many good examples of how clean humor can still be hilarious-- there are SO many funny things.

This is the show where Michael Cera's career really took off, and where we girls of the 80's rekindled our crushes on Jason Bateman all over again. I remembered him from such shows as "Silver Spoons" and campy movies such as "Teen Wolf 2". On Arrested Development, he really shone as Michael Bluth, the one "normal" member of the Bluth family and the one trying to hold everything together. He got some of the best lines and his facial expressions are priceless. I might just have to re-watch the entire show soon. It only ran for 3 seasons, and I'm thinking the third season was particularly short. Good, good stuff... Hooray for Netflix and a season 4 on the way! I can only hope they will recapture the magic and it won't be just a sad imitation of what the show once was.

Guess I'll be keeping my Netflix streaming account a little longer...

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