Me. From back when I straightened my hair. And the world was in black and white.
For most of my childhood, my dad was the film critic for one of the local daily newspapers, as well as for the most popular local talk-radio and TV station. He was something of a community celebrity. (Once, Robert Redford called our house. OUR HOUSE! I answered the phone, but I only spoke to the secretary. Dad spoke to the man...) For us kids, this meant free "sneak preview" movie screenings, hundreds of movies in our home VHS collection, as well as a life filled with other types of entertainment, both on and off screen. My dad is a funny man, a great writer, and my hero. I'm proud to be his daughter.

My sister Jen and me (right) in St. George, September 2012
I'm also a happy wife and mother of four Superkids, and I wear many other nametags. I am an elementary school librarian in a rural town in Utah, and on Sundays, I teach worshipful music to the children in my church congregation. I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Yep! I'm a Mormon.

Hobbies: singing soprano, writing, reading, gardening, family history
Favorites: Anything involving my children, my three brothers and three sisters, chocolate, "cheater" sushi (tempura), the smell of rain in summer, the Pacific Ocean and Disneyland.

Thanks for reading, commenting on and, especially, following my blog.


Lisa Keck said...

The link to your Goodreads did not work. I love books too!
Who is your Dad?
I enjoyed your recipes and thoughts!

Steph said...

Thanks for your comments! I assume you saw the recipes on Curious Soup? Thanks for checking out my blogs!!

Where was the link that didn't work, if you recall?

My dad is Chris Hicks, check out his website at or you can still find him writing a weekly entertainment-related column for the

Lisa Keck said...

Sorry, the link was on your Curious Soup! My brain groups things together!
I saw your email on Missionary Moms. That is a good idea to put the links to your blogs on your emails. I have a YouTube channel that is doing really well (all the $$ from the adds is going to my missionary's account).

Steph said...

Thanks, Lisa! That's great about your YouTube channel! I need to find a way to bring in a little extra cash-- that's a good idea. I'll have to give yours a look. :)

Lisa Keck said...

Take a look and feel free to "Like" my videos:

I highly recommend looking into your own YouTube channel. I even made a video on How to Make Money on YouTube, but there was something about the video they thought was a rights infringement, so I took it down.
I just checked and it says I made $149 in the last 30 days. Pretty good considering I never thought I would make any money and was just making videos because so many of my friends ask for gardening advice!!