Monday, July 6, 2015

Oh, Hello There.

So the TV has been broken for a week.


Well, truthfully, it's been broken longer than that. For a couple of weeks, we watched it with a salt-n-pepper screen, 
This is not actually OUR TV, but this is totally what it looked like.
then when the new chip arrived and I installed it, we watched it with a horizontal black bar across the heads of all the actors. It was less than ideal, but we persevered.
Our TV screen with the faulty replacement chip. Striped!

Sending back the faulty replacement chip meant leaving the TV in pieces while we wait for the company to send us another. 

And we wait.

And wait.

And my daughter watches Youtube videos on the computer.

And my husband streams his 10 o'clock news on his tablet.

And I watch Netflix on my iPad mini.

And we're spoiled, I realize, as I write this.

But no TV. 

That's, like, anti-American!

Good thing it's summer and there's not much on. 

Speaking of what to watch, did I tell you about Daredevil? Holy smokes it's FANTASTIC. Not only is it perfectly cast, vibrantly dark, intelligent and fun, it's also a really, really cool story about a superhero who is blind.

Feeling all super-heroed-out? Well, this show is worth the trial of your patience. You'll like it. Well-- if you can stomach the blood. I was surprised by how gory it is. Ick. I had to cover my eyes for a few scenes (thanks, Vincent D'Onofrio!!), but it's still worth it. I like Gotham & Agents of Shield. I don't care for Arrow or The Flash much, and I have a feeling that Supergirl will STINK. But Daredevil is magnificent.

Speaking of gore, I finally sat through the whole pilot episode of The Walking Dead (yes, I know you've watched every episode and discussed them all), and I didn't like it very much. Maybe the zombie movement is not my thing? Maybe I don't like being scared AND grossed out? Maybe I just don't have the stomach for it. But it's not for me. Sorry, fangirls and boys.

Let's see. Oh, my 18 year old son talked me into starting Twin Peaks recently. I feel like I ought to watch some of these shows that are considered iconic or "best ever" by crazy fans, so I gave it a go. And I'm sort of hooked. I'm not chomping at the bit to watch every chance I get, and I'm not binge-watching all the episodes, but I do like it. It's very, very, VERY odd, though. My husband (who does NOT like it) said it's like a long, loooong episode of The Twilight Zone. He's kind of right...

My favorite moment so far has been David Duchovny in drag. It was completely unexpected (I saw his name in the credits on the first episode he appears in, but didn't expect that!) and perfectly played. 

So what are YOU watching? What would you recommend I watch once my TV is back up and running and life returns to balance and happiness? 

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