Thursday, December 6, 2012

Book Signing: Brandon Sanderson

Tonight, I got very brave and went to my second-ever book-signing by one of my most favorite authors. I didn't let my anxiety keep me home. I sucked it up, thanks in large part to my son (16 y.o.) being willing to accompany me so I wouldn't freak out from nerves and stay home. It was so much fun! I'm really glad we went. 

Brandon Sanderson is a very nice, very normal-seeming guy. He chatted with everyone, and when we asked about his future plans for "Legion" and the two YA books he's got coming out in 2013, he was genuinely excited to tell us his plans and the plots and such. Which, by the way, sound amazing!!)

When I become a published author (Yep, still working on that...) I hope I have the patience, the poise and the genuine friendliness with the public that he has. I am impressed. And even though I was all shaky and nervous and felt like an idiot, I got a photo with him. Yay! See below...

I didn't stay for the reading, though I really wanted to. My son has an infusion appointment tomorrow and that's always exhausting and we do live 40 minutes from where the signing was and it was pretty foggy on the drive in, so I didn't dare stay too late. I am sorry I couldn't stay, though. Maybe next time. I still had fun. It was, in a word, awesome!! And I got all my Sanderson books signed. I won't post all the pics of the books, because you might not care as much as I do. But I will post a few. 
It says, "Iron to Bind"

It says "May you find water and shade"

Life before death!

Me, hamming it up a little. I really was that excited, though, so it's genuine ham.

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