Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Glee at the Library

I nearly put off running to the city library until tomorrow. It's across town and it's very cold today and I almost didn't go. But I decided I wanted my son to do some reading this weekend while we're out of school, and the book being held for me was actually for him. So I went. And I thought, maybe I'll find something for me, too. 

When I got there, I realized it was the tail end of the preschoolers' Story Time and that very soon the line would be especially long (and I hate long lines and crowds), so I figured I would look quickly at the front-of-the-library display of new books. I saw one my husband might like, and grabbed it, then nearly dropped it as my eyes landed on a new book by Preston & Child!! I also did a very small, very quiet version of my mega-happy-dance-complete-with-squealing (which I invented last April)

I flipped open the dust jacket and YES!! I saw the name of Aloysious Pendergast. Sigh... what luck that no one beat me to it. What luck that I happened to go to the library in time to get it. What luck that I have 2 weeks off of work for Christmas and just happen to be needing a good book...

I was somewhat disappointed by the last installment in the long series of books about Agent Pendergast. I wanted more story. I sincerely hope this book doesn't disappoint. I just realized it's been almost two years since I read "Cold Vengeance", and I don't know that I remember any of the details. I don't
really want to go back and read it again first, so I'll just cross my fingers that Preston & Child have given enough back-story reminders (which bug me in other series, so I'm kind of a hypocrite hoping for them here...) that I won't be lost. 

I also didn't like P&C's Gideon Crew books, at all, so I hope they haven't changed their writing style to match those books-- I sincerely hope Pendergast is still the character I adored in "Relic" and "Still Life With Crows" and others... 

Time to find out. 


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