Friday, September 2, 2011

Obsessed much?

I've been watching an average of two episodes each day.  I can't stop, because I need to know what comes next.  It's compulsive... I'm addicted... I can't stop!!  I'm about 4 episodes into season 2 and although I wasn't as taken with this season as the first, it is still very compelling TV.  I care about these characters and I HAVE to see what happens next.  This must have been extremely frustrating to fans of the show during its run, because they couldn't watch 2-3 episodes in one sitting (as I can... while doing chores, but still...).  They had to wait a week between episodes and months after a season-ending cliffhanger.  Oy.  I would have given up. :)  So, although I'm not nuts about Netflix raising their prices, I'm still a fan of theirs for having all of "Lost" on streaming for me. Now... do I have time for just one more???


Laura B said...

I'm trying to comment, but it won't let me.

Check out my blog for a blogging award I've given you.

Steph said...

Only it let this one post, weird! Thanks for thinking of me!!! :)