Monday, September 19, 2011

Coming Soon...

Movie trailers are something I have loved my entire life.  There's a delicious anticipation in sitting in a freshly darkened theater, popcorn and Redvines in hand, a hush settling on the crowd and the screen flickering to life.  Flashes, clips, bits of enticing dialogue, snazzy music and that familiar deep voice present just enough tidbits of a soon-to-be-released movie to leave us wanting more. We might even lean forward in excitement, or turn to our neighbor as the screen momentarily flashes black to exclaim, "Wow!  That looks good!"  Then it begins again, the green ratings screen appears, and we settle back for the next small treat.

Good movie trailers are like tasting the cake batter.  Yummy enough to pique your interest and promising something even better to come.

Poor movie trailers, however, are an entirely different experience of disappointment and letdown.  Some show the entire movie in quick-flashing snippets, leaving the viewer feeling disinterested and unfulfilled.  Others are so inane ("G-Force", anyone?) that one might question the sanity of producers who put up money to make such rubbish.

Another point to make here is that in modern movie theaters, before the trailers, we have to sit through a handful of car, Coke and shoe commercials.  I despise this practice.  I've already paid an excessive price for the ticket and treats.  I shouldn't have to be bombarded by commercials in every single media outlet on the planet.  But that's another blog discussion altogether.

Overall, my habitual enthusiasm for trailers has not waned as I've grown older, and I even look forward to them on DVD, hushing my family and hurrying to get into my seat before they begin.

So what movies that are scheduled for the upcoming fall/Christmas season are you looking forward to, based on their great trailers?  Here are a few I have thoroughly enjoyed and can't wait to watch the films for:

The new "Muppets" movie looks clever and updated and funny, I can't wait!
If you haven't read my previous post about Matt Damon, then maybe you won't understand why I'm looking forward to this one beyond the fact that it does look like an interesting premise and hopefully a much more entertaining film than "The Zookeeper" with Kevin James looks.  I didn't see it. I won't see it.  Talking animals in live action films with humans make me crazy.

Okay, these are the only two I could find.  There aren't many movies coming soon that I'm all that interested in.  Share your upcoming favorites in the comments and I'll post the trailers if I agree with you. :)

On suggestion of my crafty friend:  (I'm not actually all that excited about this one, I'll have to reread the books and see if I feel differently this time around.  I thought they were good, but one of those series that maybe shouldn't be brought to the "big screen"... but I know a lot of people are really excited about it, so here you go!)

My sister, whose comment wouldn't post, suggested this and I agree with her, this one looks really good!  Very Bourne-Bond-ish. :)


Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

I'm looking forward to Hunger Games--though as far as I know there's not even a real trailer out yet. Just a teaser-thing. What is that really, anyway?

Steph said...

Good point, I hadn't really thought about those. I think teasers are simply much shorter clips created to increase excitement and anticipation about movies that film companies know will have a large fan following, such as superhero movies and extremely popular book series movies, such as "Hunger Games" and "Twilight" and "Harry Potter", thus increasing revenue and opening weekend ticket sales, which are a big deal. If a movie has enormous hype before even the first full trailer has been released, that's promising for a movie studio's expected income!

Jen said...

Oh, here I am! I was trying to comment from my iPad last night - that may have been the problem....?