Thursday, October 17, 2013

What To Watch This Weekend

It's October!! Fall is a fun time for TV enthusiasts, and as the temperatures drop we love to snuggle under a blanket and watch good stuff.

My suggestions for this weekend:

On Netflix-
"Lost" remains one of the best TV shows in the history of the ABC network-- and the first couple of seasons are among the most intense, cliffhanger-heavy, entertaining hours of TV available. All the seasons are available on Netflix, so if you haven't seen the show before, get watching! Filmed on location in beautiful Hawaii, "Lost" has great layered characters, long and short-arcing storylines, and many surprises along the way. Just look at all the awards the show was nominated for! Oh, and P.S. if you're still not sure, keep in mind that "Lost" is a J.J. Abrams project. Yep. That guy.

I'm on my second watch-through of "Lost", somewhere in the second season and it is even more fun the second time around! I'm so glad my husband finally gave in and wanted to watch it with me!!

At Redbox-
They've brought back "The Avengers", so if you missed it in the theater (which I can't believe!) and haven't rented or seen it yet, don't wait. It's the funniest (if not the best) film of the Marvel movie franchise. They're also re-renting the first installation in "The Hobbit" trilogy. Just in time to get excited about part two, which I am VERY excited about because Benedict Cumberbatch. 

Current shows On Hulu (coincidentally all ABC shows!)-
"The Middle"- This is the most family-friendly show on TV and I've been recommending it for years. If you haven't seen it yet, it is worth going back to the beginning, but I'm not sure where you can find the first few seasons-- maybe your library has them? It's worth finding, but you will also enjoy it starting now. Consistently funny, clean material, and relatable characters make "The Middle" one worth watching.
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"The Goldbergs"- A new family comedy set in the 1980's, featuring a family of loud, crazy characters we all can relate to. We started with episode 3 and laughed our heads off. Went back and watched episodes 1 and 2 and chuckled a little bit. I'm going to continue with this show for at least a few more episodes and see if it's worth sticking with. So far it's very promising. (Sensitivity warning: multiple references to both poop and female anatomy and a couple of bleeped cusses.)
NOTE: I am withdrawing this recommendation. We watched about 3 minutes of this week's episode and decided we won't be watching it anymore, after the two boys excitedly found a scrambled porn channel on their cable TV. An entire episode with boys watching porn isn't family entertainment, in my book.

"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." is still young enough that I'm not 100% sure what I think. So far, I've liked it, but I want to love it, so I'm hoping it improves with time. Worth looking at if you like action, super-hero type stuff, excellent special effects, and a good-looking cast. Plus, there's Agent Coulson, so it's worth watching just for him. 
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On Network websites:
"The Big Bang Theory", on CBS's website is still a very funny show, and still raunchier than it needs to be; I don't recommend this for kids, but it is consistently entertaining.
There you have it. The first installment of what I hope will become a regular Friday blog post thing here at Film Critic's Daughter (unless I just used up all the good stuff)

Now go watch something.

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