Saturday, March 2, 2013

Unexpected Art Pleasure

Tonight we finally watched the Blu-Ray of "Hotel Transylvania" and while the movie is amusing and has a few good laughs, it's predictable stuff in the same vein as "Monsters, Inc"-- humans are rumored to be terrifying and cruel to monsters, one comes into their world and mayhem ensues, after which they learn that not all humans are horrible beasts. It's cute, formulaic but entertaining enough. And it was nice to finally have a movie the whole family could watch again-- it's been a while since there was something all of us could sit down for together.

But the very best part of the entire showing was the concept art featured during the end credits. Some of the pieces are absolutely breathtaking! I wish I could buy prints to hang in my someday-will-have office. I loved them! My favorites are those that do not feature the characters, with the exception of a couple with silhouettes. Incredible!

Here is a link to, Noelle Triaureau's blog featuring her pieces. I would have shared them here, but I don't want to break the copyright law... I sent her an email, so if she gives me permission, I will post some here. 

I don't know who the other artists are, but the art is around the web, and I think most simply credit "Sony Pictures" or "Sony Animation Studios" or some such. Here are a few, my apologies for not crediting them accurately-- I simply don't know who the artists are. If you do, please send me links so I can share them here.

By Marcelo Vignali and copyright Sony Pictures Animation

This one is by Luc Desmarchelier and the copyright belongs to Sony Pictures Animation

Some lovely pictures there. I would love to get my hands on the whole collection and choose my favorites and hang them on the wall... 

Noelle Triaureau emailed me right back last night, and gave me permission to use some of her images-- she was very nice and even gave me the artists' names for the images above- awesome!  She is really very talented, so make sure you check out her blog. 
Here are the two of hers that I love most, but even those with characters in them are breathtaking, I would just buy the ones without so they are more decor neutral: 


Carolyn Cox said...

Very Nice. I don't often notice things like this. Thanks for pointing it out!

Steph said...

You're welcome! My family didn't notice either, until I said, "Wait! Don't turn it off yet-- look at that artwork!" :)

Robin said...

So great! Thanks for posting. Is there a website that shows all of them? I would love to see these again without the credit type overlays!

Steph said...

This is the artist's website:

She is very talented!!

Robin said...

Yes she is! Thank you!