Monday, March 4, 2013

Two Adorable Children's Books

These two books are just too awesome NOT to share. Or... to NOT share... something like that. It is grammar day, I think I heard somewhere, and if my brain wasn't so tired from the Mondayness of it all, I might know the correct phraseology. In the meantime...

This week in the library, I'm talking to the kids about fables, and I came across this while looking for some picture books for the Kindergarten through 3rd Grade classes. It's the story of an adorable frog (look at those beady eyes!! TOO cute!) who is afraid of change, and then one day something utterly unexpected happens and he learns a valuable lesson. The illustrations are priceless- adorable without being saccharin, and the story is sweet. I especially appreciated the author's use of big words-- I love when children are not talked down to by writers. Check out the author's website here (OOH and his art gallery here!). Such talent!

And for fans of Mother Goose, here is another fun, modern book. 
I haven't used nursery rhymes in the library lessons this year, but I did buy this for the collection and I'm so glad I did. It's chock-full of imagination, as a wide variety of illustrators take on classic Mother Goose rhymes. They are creative and unique and a lot of fun. Some you will recognize immediately (if you frequent children's books), and others are less recognizable, but they are all fun. The quote from the product description says, "From New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast’s “There Was a Crooked Man” to Bad Kitty author Nick Bruel’s “Three Little Kittens” to First Second’s own Gene Yang’s “Pat-a-Cake,” this is a collection that will put a grin on your face from page one and keep it there." I agree. It's not the best book ever, but it is a fun twist on some old classics. And nursery rhymes are an important part of childhood! They should still be spoken from mothers to children. 

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