Thursday, December 5, 2013

What to Watch 12/5/13

I took a week off from blogging for Thanksgiving and setting up a book fair at work. It was a busy week! Here are some fun suggestions to entertain you this weekend, between your normal, everyday chaos, Christmas parties and shopping, you'll need a little down time, I'm sure. 

In Theaters
If you haven't been yet (and I haven't!), you'll have to see "Catching Fire". (Image courtesy of IMDB) It's getting great reviews, and I've even heard a few people say it is better than the book!!! That's almost unheard of! I can't wait to see it.

These movies are also still in theaters:

"The Book Thief" (image courtesy of IMDB)Based on one of my favorite stand-alone books I've ever read (click the link for my review), this one looks promising, mostly because of the casting of Geoffrey Rush as Hans. I'm always a little nervous about movie adaptations of books I love, and this book is unique. The prose reads so beautifully, there are moments that it feels like poetry, even though it's not. I am curious, though, to see how they handled the story, the characters and the emotion of this book.

Disney's new animated feature, "Frozen" (image courtesy of
This one looks cute, and it's always fun to take the kids to the movies. Though it feels like a familiar story structure, hopefully Disney won't disappoint with this one.

At Redbox 

There isn't anything great new to the Redbox this week, but they have brought back a pair of fun animated movies your whole family can enjoy together.
Disney's "Tangled" take on Rapunzel's story is funny and charming The second movie, "Megamind" has more of an edge, but is also funnier.

On Netflix

There isn't anything new that I can recommend, but my son Adam (17) absolutely loves the TV show, "Arrow" (image courtesy of IMDB). The first season is available on Netflix, and the second season is currently running, but I think you can watch episodes on the network website (the CW).  I asked Adam to write me a short review for you all, but he never got to it. He says the show gets better in the second season, so give it a chance.

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