Monday, June 3, 2013

Flaming Passion

My daughter and I just had a funny conversation:

Katie: Mom, what does "flaming passion" mean? 
Me: Where did you hear that? 
K: I didn't hear it. I think I read it. 
Me: Where did you read it? 
K: I don't know. I just know I read it somewhere. 
Me: It's like a really strong feeling of love, affection and attraction. 
K: Hm. I bet they say that in "Twilight", huh? "My heart was filled with flaming passion!" 
Me: Well... sort of, but not in those words. 
K: Are you going to make me read those when I get older? 
Me: (laughing) No. It will be your choice.
K: I bet she says all kinds of things like that in "Twilight". It's probably stupid.

My daughter is nearly 11 years old, and pretty innocent. She only watches pre-approved, clean shows and doesn't read anything written for older people, so I think she's just not remembering. I suspect she heard it on the BYU-TV show "Studio C", used as a joke and without any innuendo, really (in the clip below). She is just smart enough to pick up an unknown phrase and pocket it away for later. Still, I hope this isn't one I hear her use later...

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Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHA! We have a few of those kind of conversations here, and we handle media a lot like you guys. I love it!