Saturday, June 8, 2013

Blu-Ray: Warm Bodies

After reading my dad's article, I decided to watch "Warm Bodies", even though it's a decidedly different movie than my normal selections.

"R", the zombie telling his story through voice-over narration, doesn't know what caused the zombie apocalypse, but there are 3 distinct versions of people left on Earth-- the humans, the "corpses" (zombies as we know them) and "boneys", which are corpses that have given up and rotted into evil skeleton creatures.

As one would expect from a zombie movie, there is a moderate amount of human-munching guts and gore, which I found quite stomach-turning, (mostly because I usually avoid that type of thing). Suspense, violence and even romance all come into play, as well. Though, this movie is no more violent than any super-hero movie. And less bloody than some TV shows...

Mostly, though, there is humor. This is not a slap-happy zombie movie, nor is it peppered with constant jokes and silliness. But there is humor-- dry, witty, sometimes subtle and often laugh-out-loud funny.

In order to enjoy this movie, though, you certainly have to accept a certain amount of imaginary situations. Yes, the corpses eat people, when they get the chance. Yes, the people shoot the corpses in the head when they get the chance. So when the corpses begin experiencing a change that might just indicate a cure for their "condition", viewers have to suspend reality and just go with it. 

It's actually kind of sweet in a peculiar way. It would be very strange to have a relationship with a former "corpse". Especially if he ate someone you cared about.

It would be equally odd to have former zombies civilized again, living among you, working and walking and talking with you. "Hey, weren't you a... " "Yep. I was a zombie. I tried to eat you once... sorry 'bout that..."  It's all a little far-fetched.

But it still works.

The movie is well written and cast. The zombies do a great job of ambling around mumbling, but without descending too far into what has become a cliche. I especially liked Nicholas Hoult in the lead role of "R". He manages to be charming, funny, and expressive, even with very little expression. 

It's worth a look, if you're looking for something different. Probably not for young kids, but I wouldn't mind my teenage sons watching it.

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