Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Brain Association

Ramin Karimloo as The Phantom -
Photo Credit Catherine Ashmore
It's early in the morning (for me) and my brain is playing "Word Association". Last night I got an email from my dad informing me that he would be giving me a copy of the new 25th Anniversary concert version of "The Phantom of the Opera", to which I reacted with three excited, increasingly high-pitched gasps and an inner squeal of glee. I do so love musical theater... and the film version of Phantom was decidedly atrocious, so I can't wait to see actual theater performers take a turn. I adored the recent concert version of "Les Miserables", and I am now edge-of-my-seat excited to watch "Phantom". Plus, I looked up some details about it, and it stars Ramin Karimloo, who played Enjrolas in the aforementioned "Les Mis" (truly, he should have played Marius, but... I digress...)

So here's what my brain is doing this morning. I woke up extra early and drove my son to his job shadow assignment. Afterwards, I thought I might sleep a tad longer until I really have to get up. Not so much. Instead, my brain did this:
"Phantom of the Opera"-- Karimloo-- kangaroo-- Australia (the country, not the film)-- Hugh Jackman-- Wolverine-- superheros-- The Avengers-- summer-- sunshine-- my garden-- tomatoes-- dinner tonight-- work schedule-- I'd better get up...

I assume most people's brains work in much the same way. It's the story of insomnia, isn't it? Your brain shifts quickly from one topic to another, not allowing you to sleep? 

So, I'm up. My brain is crammed with thoughts of movies and musicals and Hugh Jackman... looks like it might be a good day after all. :)


Angie said...

That is so exciting, maybe we should get the sisters together and see if Jen will let us watch it in her theater. I know that this may all be presumptuous since it is your movie and her theater, but I think it sounds like a wonderful time:)

Laura B said...

I love how the mind works. I love going back from the final topic of a conversation and tracing it back to it's roots too. Plus Angie's idea sounds so fun, hope you share your movie, and Jen shares her theater.
Have a great day.

Steph said...

Ha, thanks Laura! Ang, great idea! :)