Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Do ya follow me?

Blog readers generally, but not exclusively, fit into a few specific categories. First are fellow bloggers, who like to read what other people are doing. Second, there are avid readers, who love to see what other people write about, who follow dozens or hundreds of blogs and spend hours each day devouring the stories, opinions and general chatter in the blogosphere. Third are the lurkers. They skim from blog to blog, increasing readership but without clicking "follow". They want to see but not be seen. 

They're on Facebook, too. You might be friends with them. They poke around, looking at posts, but seldom clicking "like" or commenting on anything, even when it interests them. They want to sit in the back seat, listening but never making themselves known. I've found myself increasingly becoming a Facebook lurker. Most of the time it's because I don't have anything to say... but I understand.

I can be shy by nature, so I do get it, but I have to ask... if you are reading my blog, which I whole-heartedly appreciate, will you please consider following it? You can follow anonymously if you prefer not to be known. You can follow with a pseudonym-- who will ever know? This is an open invitation. If you happen to read my blog and think you might return another day, please become a fellow follower, nay, member, of my blog. I would truly appreciate it. 

In return, I will try to post items of interest and entertainment, commentary and observation. I will also send you good vibes which will increase your personal awesomeness. 

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