Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Co-starring Matt Damon

Occasionally, celebrities have supporting roles in my dreams. As is the way with dreams, of course, this seems perfectly natural and normal while I’m sleeping. Then I wake up and I'm struck by how odd it was that a stranger with a famous face walks my dreams. Thankfully, none of my dreams involve anything creepy or nasty. 

The most popular guest star is Matt Damon. I'm not sure why, but I've dreamed him more than any other celeb. Sometimes he’s my brother, sometimes he’s a boyfriend (but without any naughty fantasies, he's just... there), sometimes he’s good friend. My husband thinks it’s pretty odd, but I have heard of other people that have similar dreams.

I have had other celebs appear in my dreams as well, but right this moment I can’t remember whom or for what purpose. Usually they are just supporting players and part of the stories, just like my family members or friends. They walk on, say their lines and walk off. :)

So how about you? Has your subconscious every inserted a celebrity into your dreams? Do you see them repeatedly? Do the celebs take turns? If you could choose a celebrity to have randomly pop in and out of your dreams, who would it be? Personally, I enjoy Matt Damon very much in the waking world. He is a great actor and seems like a good man. I admire his devotion to his family and his ability to stay "normal" while being an A-list celebrity. Well, at least, that's my perception. Who knows the true story?

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