Saturday, August 13, 2011

If I don't return in three days, send help...

Yesterday, I had my first day of my new job.  I will be working at the local city library, as a technician.  Whatever that means. :)  I will soon find out, I'm sure.  Much to my amusement, when the other new employee and I met with the three heads of departments today, in a meeting peppered with laughter and humor, we were told that our first assignment is to go home and start watching "Lost".  Apparently, among many of the library staff, that show and "Dexter" are extremely popular.  Steve, the IT guy and supervisor, said, "Everyone here either loves "Lost" or hates it.  Those who hate it haven't watched it, they just get sick of hearing about it."

That conversation lasted at least 10 minutes, and it was rather amusing, with Steve sharing how he saw these numbers in order as he drove down the street (Rachel, the other supervisor gasped, eyes wide at the numbers), and the Director, Jami, telling us how she's got some guidebook to the series and that someone wants to borrow it, but she won't let them because they're only one season into it, etc.  It was very funny.

And I've decided I should probably check out the show, so that when my co-workers exchange meaningful glances at certain words (or numbers...) then I won't feel... well... lost.

As for the other show popular among library employees, I'm not entirely sure whether to watch "Dexter" or not.  This is not only a show about a serial killer, but it's a show about a serial killer that is made for HBO.  Which means my normal standard of decency and gore tolerance will probably be tested if I do watch it.  I'll have to think it over and discuss it with my siblings that are fans... anyone want to weigh in on either show?  I do so love comments..


trishcook said...

We LOVED Lost!! In fact we have the first 4 seasons on DVD if you want to borrow them :)

Steph said...

Thanks, Trish, but I think I can stream all the seasons on Netflix for the moment, so I'll go that route. :)