Saturday, March 5, 2011

So... what's the big hullabaloo??

Last night, I finally watched a rented copy of "Inception".  My son had watched it a week ago at a friend's house and was freaking out excited for us to watch it with him.  He told us (as we had heard back when it first came out in theaters) that it was "mind-blowing" and very entertaining.

My husband's comments on the opening scene were that "it felt like being dropped into the middle of the movie-- there was no buildup, no story development, just BOOM! Here you are."  He wasn't too impressed.  As evidenced by the snores.

I stayed awake and even used all my brain power to actually try to follow and understand the storyline.  I found the visual stunts and effects amazing.  I thought the idea of the "sharing" dreams and entering another person's dreams unique and efective.  However, about the time of the snow-fortress battle-on-skis, I lost interest.  I just didn't really care about the characters. I wanted to care... I know they were acting their little hearts out for us, but... meh... I just didn't care.

I stuck it out, watched the whole movie, and at the end, I had a MASSIVE headache. Thus, my impression of this film wasn't quite as positive as my son's, nor the majority of the public's, either.  I understand that I have aged out of the "target demographic" for popular media, so this movie wasn't made for me, so the filmmakers don't really care that I didn't like it that much.  

My son tells me I'm too critical, and he's probably right.  I expect a lot from my movie watching... I want characters who are engaging (even if they are the antagonists-- you have to want to watch them) I want plotlines that surprise me, and visuals that at least draw me in, if not amaze me.  I want actors who can act and music that doesn't distract.  I want to care without having a message stuffed down my throat.  I want to be entertained, but at a high standard of quality.

As for the cast, Leo DeCaprio was solid, as always.  I liked Joseph-Gordon Leavitt.  I haven't actually seen him in anything since watching a few episodes of "3rd Rock From the Sun" years ago, and he has developed into a decent actor.  I always enjoy the under-used Michael Caine. The filmmakers seemed to have cast him just to have him in the film, however, and didn't let him really shine. Cillian Murphy, whom I know from "Batman Begins" was also good as the target of the dream-invading team.  Overall, it was well cast and solid.

It was a so-so movie.  You would probably enjoy it... I am glad I watched it, but the truth is, I won't be watching it again.  Once was enough.  

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