Saturday, May 18, 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness- Brilliance on the Big Screen

I really liked the 2009 Star Trek film, and knowing this was the same cast and director, with the perfect addition of Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain, I expected to like Star Trek: Into Darkness just as much. I was not disappointed. I seldom see a movie that I walk out thinking, "I would go see that again." Even when I really like a movie, I very rarely want to go again. But this one? Yep. I would go again. It was that good.
From Empire Online
I am also unusually being tempted to write SPOILERS online about the movie!! Which I try to never do. 

I won't. 

But it's tempting. Yep. That good.

All the cast is spectacular as ever, maybe even better than the first time around, and we saw it in one of those new-ish Dolby-amazing-sound theaters, so that was kind of awesome, and the special effects and the story and the directing-- all spectacular. 

Really. I don't have anything negative to say about this movie.

Except Leonard Nemoy, which really ticked me off the first time around. But this time his screen time is minimal and doesn't detract at all.

If I had a star-rating system, this would get 5. Or 5 thumbs up. Or something like that. 

Go see it.


JJ Abrams does a fantastic job with this material.

As for the cast-- Simon Pegg as Scottie? PERFECT, and so funny. Zachary Quinto as Spock? Also perfect. Cumberbatch? A revelation. (I accidentally wore my "I AM SHERLOCKED" shirt today-- totally not on purpose, but fitting...) Karl Urban as McCoy and John Cho as Sulu? Excellent. Chris Pine's eyes? Superbly blue. All the supporting players had some great moments, and there is much-needed character development from Kirk and Spock in particular.
From LA Times
The banter between Captain Kirk and... everyone else, is so well written and played, the comic relief elements perfectly placed, humorous without pulling away from the action or drama- good good stuff.

It's so nice to see such a well-rounded movie. Every aspect coming together to entertain in perfect harmony: the music, the writing, the sound effects, the visual effects, the acting, the casting, the directing, the script and storytelling-- all wonderful. I'm guessing that even non-Trekkies will enjoy this one. 

So, what are you still doing home? GET TICKETS AND GO SEE STAR TREK!!!

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