Friday, April 5, 2013

3 Reasons Twilight Doesn't Suck

Re-reading "The Host" prior to seeing the movie has reminded me of Twilight and prompted this deep, thought-provoking post. (sarcasm...)

Please understand I am referring to the Twilight BOOKS here (by Stephenie Meyer, of course). I will make a note later about what I think of the films...

Twilight has been joked about and talked about to death, and I've seen some really funny parodies and memes and other internet entertainment that have shed light on the fact that it's actually kind of creepy for a boy with a crush on you to watch you sleep and follow you around. Especially if that boy is really over 100 years old... not to even mention the inconceivable "imprinting" of older werewolves on young (even infant) females... BUT there are reasons that Twilight is such a huge hit. These are some of them:

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1. We women all want a man to love us without reserve, in spite of our worst traits (read: moodiness) and to treat us with respect, dignity, good-hearted teasing and, especially, kindness. Edward is, like, the totally perfect guy. Bella's well-being is his primary concern, his own comfort and desires are secondary. 

2. Women really do want a man who can and will protect us. A strong, protective man is a very attractive thing. And if he happens to be out-of-this-world good looking: BONUS!!

3. Almost all of us women (or teenage girls) have felt like Bella. Awkward, out of place, unsure, depressed, alone, moody, in love, enchanted, breathless, clumsy, heart-broken, scared and devoted. We connect with Bella because we know how she feels. Granted, I never was depressed to the point of staying in bed in a ball for months at a time, nor have I ever had to fear for my life from my husband's family... but in so many ways I remember being a teenage girl and sometimes feeling just like her. And I think this must be the case for most women and girls who like Twilight. They see some aspect of their personalities or lives reflected in Bella's. And in my imagination, she is actually kind of cute and CAN SMILE.

Which brings me to the movies.

Which I hated. The Edward in my head was soooo much better-looking and... strapped... than Robert Pattinson. And Bella was more real than the mannequin-like Kristen Stewart.

I found the first film laughably bad, and they went downhill from there. They were woefully miscast, painfully un-charming, poorly scripted and when I wasn't bored I was annoyed. The only actor I liked, actually I loved him, was Billy Burke as Bella's dad, Charlie. He was understated, humorous and perfectly cast. Other than him, the movies were an enormous waste of money, but since they MADE so much money, Hollywood will continue to spit out weak book-to-screen adaptations (Eragon or Percy Jackson, anyone!?!) with less-than talented actors... but I digress again.

I did, however really enjoy the books. ***SPOILER ALERT*** Well... for the record, I only loved the first 3 books. I found book 4 contrived, and (frankly) STUPID. I hated that they had a child. I hated that they named her "Renesmee". I hated that Jacob "imprinted" on her. I hated the whole thing. 

But I digress...

If you've never read the books, and you're looking for a read that isn't too challenging (literature it ain't...) Twilight is quite enjoyable. 

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Hated the movies, especially Edward & Bella. Didn't like book 4 at all, but I could definitely relate to Bella's awkwardness. I still think Bella's relationship with Edward was much more real & healthy, though.