Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Book Review: "Neverhwere" by Neil Gaiman

After enjoying "The Cemetery Book" so much, I decided I was ready to give "Neverwhere" another look. I tried it a while ago, when my brain was a tad overwhelmed by a new job and crazy schedule, and couldn't get into it. 

This time around, I found myself more interested in the characters and the story, but there were times I kind of began to lose interest. I kept plugging along, because I was curious to see how Richard Mayhew's adventures played out, but found myself feeling like I would rather just be done and get to another book. Too bad. 

The story isn't bad-- it's an updated "Alice in Wonderland" type of story, with Richard Mayhew, an ordinary Londoner finding himself pulled into a world that exists beneath the streets of London, followed by various adventures using magic and involving evil people and frightening creatures and good-but-decidedly-odd folks, including a bunch of people who talk to and almost worship rats. The story slowed considerably in the middle of the book, but the last 1/3 or so picked up again, action and character development make all the difference.

Gaiman is a good storyteller, and I enjoyed the surprise twists toward the end a lot. Would I recommend it? Sure. It's clean stuff, and the good vs. evil plot and "Wonderland" reflection are interesting. Will I read it again? No. Not likely. 

I will, however, take a look at some of his other books before I give up on him, mostly because of how much I enjoyed "The Cemetery Book".

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