Thursday, May 17, 2012

O Usher, Where Art Thou?

My dad's latest column is about a subject that is very important to me: movie theater etiquette (and the modern lack thereof). I have taken to sitting on the back row of the theater every time I go to the movies. Not just because of the dizziness and nausea I experience if I'm close to the screen. The primary reason is that I have absolutely no tolerance for people's children and tweens and teens kicking and bumping the back of my chair throughout the film-- it's extremely distracting and aggravating.

And there are the issues of late arrivers, and the compulsive talkers who like to either narrate the action or provide constant commentary about the film. (Okay, I must confess, I have been guilty of this, once and only once. I couldn't help myself. It was my third time seeing "Twilight" and that movie is just SO bad. I was stuck in MST3K mode. But I humbly apologize. Also, the theater was nearly empty and I was mostly quiet about it... just... ugh... but I promise never, ever to do it again.)

Oh, and don't forget cell phone users. Really? In a darkened theater? Like no one is going to hear/see/be-driven-to-a-murderous-rage by your can't-wait-another-hour text or call?

Aside from the etiquette topic, the column also discusses the current barrage of advertising at the movies. I hadn't been to the Megaplex in a long time, but my husband and I went to see "The Avengers" for our second time at a Megaplex last weekend, and I was appalled at the number of ads before the lights went down, before the trailers and, horrifyingly, after the trailers! Talk about breaking the spell! I love the tingle of anticipation as the last trailer fades and the movie begins. The jolt of yet another two or three ads was disgusting. Captive audience, indeed. 

Anyway, feel free to comment here about what you read in this great column.

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Anonymous said...

I whole-heartedly agree. We went to see AVENGERS for the first time in Tooele and it was spoiled for many by a group of rebel-without-a-clue teens that several had asked politely (and in my cast - not so politely) to quiet down. One even put his shoes in the woman's hair sitting in front of him. Many went out to complain but NOTHING happend.
I also concur about the ads needing to stop once the lights go down, its like inserting an ad after the opener at a concert (it negates the purpose of comming attractions).