Friday, March 16, 2012

Good Stuff

A few happy things. First off, Community is back! Yay! I love this show, especially the unpredictable antics of Troy and Abed. Here's hoping it doesn't get cancelled after this season ends!!

Second, holy awesomeness!!!! Watch!!

Johnny Depp is delicious as a vampire!! I love the campy over-the-top feel of this! I never saw the show, I was born 1972, and I understand from this KSL article that the show was more serious than deliberately campy, but I think a somewhat silly over-acting feeling fits perfectly. As for the other cast members, I'm not a huge Helena Bonham Carter fan, but she and Depp and director Tim Burton are generally a good team, so I'm sure she'll be good. And I adored "Eli Stone", so I can't wait to see Jonny Lee Miller in another role.  Michelle Pfieffer seems well cast, though we don't see much of her in the trailer, and I actually don't think I know who anyone else is, so that will be fun as well!! 

Third and last: 
I'm recommending this with a warning- there is adult language, so if the f-bomb burns your eyes (as it does mine), be prepared. However, this site is very, very funny, and one of those things that made me think, "Why didn't I think of doing that!?" I found it because Jen of epbot posted it on her site. It's a hilarious take on the ridiculous-to-ludicrous fashions of the TV show "Star Trek: The Next Generation". It's called Fashion It So. If you've ever watched NG, you'll appreciate the bloggers' snarky commentary and quick-witted plot summaries. So funny... just beware the f-word land mines...

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