Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Friday Night Flick

Working full time makes it very difficult to find time to blog.  SO this will be short, because it's the end of my work week and I'm exhausted and tomorrow is another busy day.  My sons, husband and I watched "The Adjustment Bureau" tonight, which features my imaginary boyfriend, Matt Damon, as a politician whose life is being controlled by the titular Bureau, who inexplicably doesn't want him to be with the girl he loves (Emily Blunt), so he runs around a lot and looks stressed out or sad a lot, and keeps breaking her heart by just disappearing from her life (except I'm fairly sure she saw him on TV, because he's running for Senate... um... not sure why she didn't just go to HIM and confront him...) and she gets engaged twice to another man (some guy named Adrian, I think), then twice ditches said fiance, poor fella.

It's pretty good, somewhat predictable, but refreshingly creative and energetic. It's no Bourne movie, and the story seemed a bit... flat, but it was a decent free library dvd.  I liked the humor, Damon had a lot of cute, flirtatiously funny lines.  I liked Harry an angel (?) who ends up helping them, he was well played by Anthony Mackie.  He's good-looking and seemed to be the only Bureau member with a conscience or brain.

This movie is advertised to be a thriller, and I suppose it is, though only just barely.  They cuss a handful of times, including the obligatory "you-can't-stop-us" f-bomb, which Hollywood seems to think belongs in any movie not PG, but which I could have done without.  Who needs it?  And the little sprinkling of "sexual content" was very short-- short enough to wonder why they even put it in.  It wasn't graphic, but sexy enough to make my two and a half teenage sons uncomfortable.  And me, sitting next to them, as well! We did the "cover your eyes!" game that we have to play with so many movies.  Ugh.

Thanks to IMDB for the details such as actors' names, and to the world wide web for the photo. Google's image search is a wonderful thing.

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