Friday, April 1, 2011

Best comedy routines...

 I love stand up comedians.  I have a hard time with those who "work blue" or whatever it's called, using foul language and sexual themes for their jokes.  I prefer those whose routines are more observational, like these guys:

Henry Cho
Henry is a full-blooded Korean man who grew up in Nashville, Tennessee.  He even has a southern accent.  He is hilarious and almost completely little-kid-friendly clean.
The dang blogger-youtube connection won't post my favorite bit about his really stupid friend, JB Stewart, but it's the one I really wanted to share, so you'll have to forgive me and click the link.

Brian Regan
If you haven't ever heard Brian's stuff, you are absolutely missing out. He recently released a new album available for download here.  His routines are amazing.  And clean.  He has so many great bits that I had a hard time choosing one to insert here.  This scene is among my favorites:

When my family takes road trips, we like to take comedy CDs with us to listen to.  We enjoy Bill Cosby, especially his older stuff.  You can't go wrong with some great, classic Cosby, right?  Funny, relatable, real, and family-friendly.
Another comic that I like a lot is Steven Wright.  Good stuff.  He's the one who is completely deadpan, dry and looks like he may be half asleep...
We also love a lot of Weird Al Yankovic's music.  Some of his parodies are amazing, but I prefer his original stuff, myself.  Like this: (I actually prefer my own imagination to the animated video... it's much funnier just to listen...)

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