Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why I love the British

Okay, I have decided to forgive the Brits for only making three episodes of "Sherlock" so far.
I will give you two reasons why:

Martin Freeman.  Okay, he doesn't have those hunky, traditional, melt-the-butter good looks that so many other actors have, but there's a certain... je ne sais quoi going on with him.  He's a real guy.  A real guy, who is funny, cute, and very good at understated, subtle wit.  I enjoyed him on the British "Office"-- he was the one really compelling reason to keep watching the series.  He was so cute in "A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", too-- perfectly cast.  And, if you've read my other post involving him, you know I think he's perfectly cast as Watson on "Sherlock".  I am intrigued to see him as a Hobbit.  Should be... fascinating.

James McAvoy.  I can't stop looking at this picture.  Holy cow.  After I discovered him in "Becoming Jane", I couldn't get enough.  There is no man in Hollywood or anywhere who is better at a kissing scene- especially a tense, heart-wrenching kind of kiss.  He makes women weak in the knees...

Besides the kissing, he is an incredible talent, who steals every scene he's in-- you just can't take your eyes off him!  He's intriguing onscreen-- he seems to buzz with energy, intensity and life.  And that accent... aaahhhh, we American girls do love the accents.  Technically, James is a Scot, so I don't know if that should be differentiated from the Brits, but it's my blog and he's my favorite, so... there.  Plus the man could pull of any nationality-- he's that good.

There are many, many other great British actors, but these are my current favorites, for whom I will be keeping a weather eye on the cinematic horizon... so to speak.

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